Clan Davidson Badge, Highland Clan, Scottish Clan Pin

Clan Davidson Badge, Highland Clan, Scottish Clan Pin



Clan Davidson is a Highland Scottish clan and a member of the Chattan Confederation.T here are several versions of Clan Davidson's origins. One speculating they were one of the co-founders of Chattan Confederation, another speculating the "David" from whom the clan take their name is David Dubh of Clan Cumming. 

After a battle with clan Cameron which saw their forces essentially wiped out, the Davidsons lived relatively peacefully for many years as part of the Chattan Confederation. They were involved in the Jacobite uprising of 1745, and after the Battle of Culloden many Davidsons were convicted of treason and exiled to North America.

The Davidson clan motto is Sapienter si sincere (Wisely if sincerely) and the clan crest is a stag's head.

  • Production Process

    Each item begins as a piece of bronze sheet metal.  After a pattern is transferred to the metal, the piece is etched in a salt-water solution.  Each piece is hand cut, sanded, and polished. The pin back is soldered on. The piece is hand painted with dye oxide, specifically for metal. A clear polymer coating is applied to the face of the badge.