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Clan cheiftain is William Newlands of Lauriston, Lauriston Castle, by Montrose, Scotland.

The earliest chief of the Name, Jasper Newlands of that Ilk, was recorded in Nithsdale in 1469. The 1986 tartan design, originally named 'Walker Newlands' in honour of Lady Lauriston, whose maiden/professional name is Dorothy Walker, became 'Newlands of Lauriston' in 1988 and was made freely available to the clan. It is based on a family pattern, surviving as 'a rather bloodstained bit of rag incorporated into a family cushion', similar to Cameron of Erracht. Also known as 'Falconers' Tartan' in memory of a Newlands ancestor who was a Royal Falconer at the Court of King James IV at Linlithgow c1495.' (Scottish Tartans Society Sindex notes).

Clan Newlands Badge

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Each item begins as a piece of bronze sheet metal.  After a pattern is transferred to the metal, the piece is etched in a salt-water solution.  Each piece is hand cut, sanded, and polished. The pin back is soldered on. A patina has been applied giving the metal that aged look. A clear polymer coating is applied to the face of the badge. 

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