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Slaintѐ is a phrase used across the world, but particularly in Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and North America. It is usually used interchangeably with the word “Cheers” as a toast when drinking. Sláinte is the basic form in Irish. Variations of this toast include sláinte mhaith "good health" in Irish (mhaith being the lenited form of maith "good"). In Irish, the response to sláinte is sláinte agatsa, which translates "to your health as well".

Ireland Necklace, Irish Toast "Sláinte"

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Each item begins as a piece of sheet metal, copper, bronze, brass or nickel.  After a pattern is transferred to the metal, the piece is etched in a salt-water solution.  Each piece is hand cut, sanded, and polished. A patina may be applied or it may be hand painted with dye oxide.  A clear polymer coating is applied

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