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Clan Rose is a Highlands Scottish Clan. The family of Rose appeared in Nairn in the reign of David I, and are of Norman origin, having previously been settled in England. The lands of Kilravock were acquired in the following century through the marriage of Hugo de Ros of Geddes to Marie de Bosco, whose mother was an heiress of the Bisset Family.

During the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Roses supported Robert the Bruce, and Sir William Rose was responsible for capturing Invernairn Castle for him in 1306. Later that same century, Muriel de Roys is on record as having granted a Charter in 1333, and another William Rose appears as a Charter witness in 1380.

Kilravock Castle was built in 1460 by Hugh Rose, 7th Laird, and despite the turbulence of the following century, the Clan remained remarkable peaceable. Mary Queen of Scots stayed overnight at Kilravock on her way to Inverness in 1562, and afterwards corresponded with the 10th Laird. Mary's son, James VI, also visited in 1598.

In more recent history, Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Rose, 24th Laird, commanded the Black Watch Regiment. On his death in 1946, the Chiefship passed to his daughter.
The Rose family is one of the few in Scotland where the chiefship has descended in an unbroken line to the present day. The present chief is David Rose, the 26th Baron of Kilravock.

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