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The clan is named after the barony of the same name near Jedburgh, Roxburghshire which belonged to the monks of Jedburgh. The Barony was originally called Belasis. The seal of Richard de Belchis was attached to his homage of 1296.

In 1530 Alexander Belchis was bailie of Edinburgh. In 1627 John Belcheis was commissioner for the Tweed fisheries dispute and in 1631 Alexander Belchellis of Tofts was admitted burgess of Glasgow, gratis.
Alexander Belseis of Tofts was appointed Justice of the Peace for Berwickshire in 1634. In 1651 Alexander Belches was included in the Committee of Provisions for the Army.

The hereditary line ended in 1712 with the death of John Belshes of that Ilk who left four daughters.

Clan Belshes Badge, Scottish Border Clan

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  • Each item begins as a piece of bronze sheet metal.  After a pattern is transferred to the metal, the piece is etched in a salt-water solution.  Each piece is hand cut, sanded, and polished. The pin back is soldered on. A patina has been applied giving the metal that aged look. A clear polymer coating is applied to the face of the badge.

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